There are two sides;
of every face
of every story
of every line
of every word

The are two sides;
what you see and what we hide
what is your right and what are my wrongs
what is left and what I left
what I accept and what will never take in

There is only an understanding;
what you want to accept
what I want you to understand
what you want to see
what you thought you saw

There is only an opinion;
your own

You only pick one

You only deduce

Although I hope you consider all

There are many faces in this earth

Good Luck on seeking the truth


We are a fuse
about to explode at anytime
like a ticking time bomb
like a weird wiring
about to set fire

We are a tangle
about to get straight
Intersecting lines
about to get parallel

We are two anytonyms
trying really hard to have the same meaning
Two lives intertwined

But I’m trying really hard to understand
To get to your point

But we need to realize dreams, live lives

But I hope we won’t fade

Just like my lines

-It Has Been A Rough Night, I don’t know what to call this poem. Sorry-

I wish I have a lot of friends
A good number which I cannot count by using my fingers and my toes
but then again,
I am shy

I wish I can comfort myself
A good skill to have especially when you are alone & down
but then again.
I can’t

I wish the world may grant all dreams
A good gift to give that will make people less grumpy and sad
but then again,
it won’t

I wish I can laugh all day
A good thing to do especially when yesterday sucks and the world crumbled
but then again,
you can’t

I wish I can ease all peoples pain
A good talent to have that will make all wounds and sickness heal
but then again,
I can’t

I wish I have all good things
A life that is worth living without worries and fears
but then again,
we all don’t have that

We all feel pain
We suck at things
but then again.
we all have hope

A hope that maybe tomorrow
All will be fine

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1… 4

The only thing we have
You can do maths
equations & such
Solve it
But you can never solve us

How many years has it been?
Still numbers
Lengths & durations
we can never phantom
Will you run it?
Run it to get to me?

How many more will this last?
Numerals that I have to go through
Things you will never realize
you are way too far
Do you even go back to we?
Has there ever been us?

But I hope you don’t change the numbers
Numbers that can connect me to you
But that’s as impossible as wishing you not to change
‘cause you already did
You have left
Leaving me behind with just numbers

Traveler’s Feelings

It will always feel like a void trying to suck you in
As it walls crumbles and shatters into nothingness
It dissipates the darkness it has
Creeping onto your every bone
Avoiding it is never necessary
According to some, it is a requirement
But I refuse!
If everyone of us tries to be in that darkness
Should we all need to dwell in it at the start?
Why should we try to torture every piece of soul we have?

If torment is such a natural thing,
Why don’t we just punish ourselves with something we really want?
Why are we all try to fit in something that we don’t want from the start?
Why don’t we dare to choose what we really wanted to be?
If the society is so kind & forgiving,
why is there suicide still?

I maybe in the vast
Looking like a lost sheep
Truth is, I am quite lost because I am trying something new
A traveller was also once a wanderer
I maybe wrong in this path now
But nothing is too late
No one is really lost
and you won’t loose anything if you try

You may come in one piece
But you may come out as is
But no one comes out as is
You always come out holding tons of you
‘cause you found & gathered your pieces that were not there before