Time Whisperer

I do not know what you are
But you are the tie that holds all the lavenders that I picked
And you are the gravity that pulls it together underneath
Sometimes I even wonder how could you do all those things
You spin and hold me in place;
While the world freezes and life continues all around

Reasons To End It

I know why they want to end it;
I understand
I know life is precious
but as you say “He knows how yours is going to end”
Well, judging and telling which was wrong is wrong in itself
I think I know why the next person wants to end it
I am in that situation;
Everything just gets in the way
Even thoughts
They, you, I and even an it gets in the way
Sometimes you just want it to dissolve

For once, people like us wants to know how genuine that feels like
What breeze and never being cold, sad, frightened and scared feels like
We miss how those who feel calm feels like
Because even in the most silent moments you feel the extremest of all the extremes
You drown on drought
You dry on rain
You shiver in summer
You sunbathe in winter
It is always low, lower or lowest
And on most nights it is Halloween
-Halloween on steroids
You don’t even see ghosts
You are no psychic
But it creeps
It creeps within your soul

People say we are unhappy
But have you seen us in our most hyperactive moments?
We do feel happy
I feel excited
it’s just…
it will never last
It is there on a second;
The next thing you know,
you are again alone
How not to feel alone?
How not to fall back?

Most of us have gigantic trust issues
Most of us are afraid of people
Most of us are unchanging
Because most of us are hurt
I always try to solve my self
All the things that are ‘wrong’ with me
Trying to consider the ‘right’ state of things
I want to try sometimes
But no ones there
People always want me to take a step back
Life is filled with what ifs
I am always left to wonder

As I lock my self again
I hope someone would try to find me
I wish the world would just shake itself and let me drop from this box I am in
I wonder how many more white spaces needs my words before they think that I am really stuck
I am stuck
I don’t know where to go
I don’t even know what to feel
I just want all of these thoughts to end
I just want you to listen that this is real
People feels like this
And I don’t want you stuck
I want you alive and feel peace for me
Please feel free for me
I want you to feel the breeze that I never come to feel

I’m Not Late! Yey! – NaPoWriMo!

For once, I am on time and yes, yes, and another yes I am alive and I will be facing the prompts again!


If you are wondering what on the freaking face of the Earth am I blabbering about… well, it’s April once again and it’s NaPoWriMo time!

If you are not aware, once a year, poets become hyperactive and they drag themselves in front of a paper (or a laptop or a computer or a smartphone or anything that lies with the lines of that) and they ponder upon themselves and they write. They try and will write poems for 30 straight days. Sounds fun huh? Well for me, it is challenging and brain wrecking-ly great to make my self write for a specific frame of days while telling my brain to cooperate with me and attracting inspiration from my surroundings and digging into my feelings for something. Yeah, it’s somehow hard at points but it’s nonetheless fun!

So if you are a poet and you want to try and see if you can write poems for a month, then, join us as we get to know each other, read each other’s works and as poets, try to figure out if we can write straight for 30-days.

I’m looking forward on reading (well, yeah, meeting poets in person is hard in a way :D ) you!

And for additional info about NaPoWriMo kindly check out NaPoWriMo.net

Happy NaPoWriMo-ing!

I kept on losing things;
At first I tried losing my dreams,
I’ve tried to trade it for a better looking one
one which promises a lot

it left me with nothing

But I continued on losing things;
Along with the dream
I’ve been left by a person
the one who stands up for beliefs of her own

she left me lifeless

Three years ago,
she came back
with the jollies and all
all smiles and laughs

she was back, I am extremely happy

Two years ago,
things happened
People tried to get rid of her
she hold on

she is still clinging even latching up to my bones

I wonder if she’s happy though,
I wonder if she still know how to smile
I wonder how to make her laugh

I miss her

I miss her a lot

even though she is still here
even though she still tries

I miss her a lot

I just simply miss her

even though she is me, and I am her

Goodbye Sadness, Please Be On Your Way

For those who know that this poet is also a Kpop fan,
well, no this post is not misplaced, I intend it to be here.

And for those who do not know that I am a KPop fan…. well, now you know. hehehe! :D (and if you want to check out our KPop blog, go here => tryalittlekpop.wordpress.com)

The following song spoke to me a lot even though I am not really sure of the lyrics at first (because well, I am still learning to decipher Korean). This song tugged a lot of heart strings, I really cried.

I have been under the weather for quite a while now, I sometimes wonder would this still all end?, do people around me know that I am under a lot shit lately?do people even know that I feel quite shitty a lot? I feel weird, irritated even lazy on those days and I wish I will feel well.

Yesterday, I talked with an acquaintance and she said I am still quiet and I am still somehow the same as when I was in High School. I wonder if I even got quieter now though.

As you can all see; I talk less and I write a lot. And maybe because of that I tend to attract sadness more. I tend to contemplate more. It materializes to beautiful verses most times hence, this blog. But I hope I can write about happiness too.


This depths are so low
They will sink your soul

This depths will surely eat you alive
They will stop your breathing

But this depths will soon vanish
I hope it will

I will always gladly welcome happiness.
I mean, who wouldn’t?

Slate (aka White Board)

Poet’s Note: So I have this White Board hanging around my room, on which I write my weekly schedules on (things to write, errands, house tasks etc.) but dirt is picking up on it and I thought yeaaaahhh… maybe it’s time for me to clean it up but days passed and weeks and months, I was literally delaying cleaning it, until I dreamt about wiping it off two nights ago. So yesterday, I cleaned it because, well yes, that’s what an adult should do, right? (or maybe not, who cares?!) and as I was wiping it with acetone and the permanent ink on it bleeds, I somehow rhymed (the result was a free verse though) and I wrote on it AGAIN! and this was the result. I hope you like it. :)

Sorry for my clumsy handwriting, for those who want to read it clearly I provided a transcription of what’s written below.

This white board is cleaner than usual;

Free from all the grimes & earth of yesterday
Two years of dirt, gone away

How can I be as clean as this slate?
How to forget 2 years with just plain cloth & drain?

Until you write on words again;
This will remain pure & white
But since I wrote now it’s  now back to its gruesome past

So maybe I don’t want to be as clean as this slate

Probably those 2 years were good

And for sure;
I want to still vomit words

To, just at least, color my TRItone world